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The Fintech & Digital Banking Innovation Forum  will feature company presentations, keynote speeches from executives at some of the world’s leading companies, plenty of professional opinions and best practices.

The conference will offer plenty of valuable information on a variety of topics such as data enablement and risk management. The participant will have the chance to learn cutting edge information and view the latest in financial technology.


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Contextual Solutions

Advisory Board Member
Hyundai DAC

Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance

CEO & Founder
UppLabs LLC

Blockchain Zoo Pte Ltd

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9 – 15 MAY 2022 – VIDEO STREAM

The organizers reserve the right to change the program!

The Future of the Service Sector: Embedded Finance

Sebnem Elif Kocaoglu Ulbrich – Germany

Decentralized Finance – What are the Opportunities?

Anndy Lian – Singapore

Purple with Purpose: Fintech for the Disabled Community

Olinga Taeed – United Kingdom

Automating KYC and onboarding to enhance the customer experience

Vitaliy Dyachenko – United States

Decoupling Blockchain from Cryptocurrencies

Roberto Capodieci – Singapore

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